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W5 analyses your Google Analytics data and delivers the most important and interesting insights about your site, including how many people visited, what they viewed and where they left.

Immediately understand in plain English what’s driving your website’s performance and to know your top performing pages, how many people visited your site using Google, online orders (if applicable) and Google Advertising (or AdWords).

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Customised reports for your business

W5 will work with you to help you select the KPIs and reporting sections that matter most to your business. Choose a dynamic set reporting options that change for each report depending on how your customers are using your site or a 'set and forget' option to report on the same parts of your site each report.

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Setup is painless. Connect Google Analytics to W5

We realise that you have enough on your plate, which is why we make setting up your website report as easy as possible. Simply give permission for W5 to access your Google Analytics account, and everything else is done for you.

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