Frequently Asked Questions for W5 We Reporting Services

What are the typical things that W5 needs from me to get started?

We need to know if you or your current Web Designer/Developer use Google Analytics to report your website statistics and if you have access to your Google Analytics account

How can I save money?

  1.  Sign up for a free trial at no obligation.

  2.  Pay upfront

  3.  Have an established Google Analytics account to help reduce any potential setup costs.

What makes your pricing competitive?

We provide an easy service for our customers for the price of only a few cups of coffee (or a few takeaway lunches). This is because we focus on what we are good at so costs are lower for our customers.

How do you normally charge?

We charge a monthly fee for easy to read website reports. If we have to set up your Google Analytics account or your existing one isn't set up correctly an additional setup charge may be required.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

While a new business, W5 has been specialising in website analytics and reporting services for 15 years. We are experts in interpreting what works and what doesn't work online and provide you easy, no jargon information on how to improve your site.

Why should I hire you over another service provider?

Unlike traditional website designers or developers, we are interested most in answering the fundamental questions about the what, how and why people are visiting your website. Only then can you fully understand if you need to change or improve your website. How do you know what to change, if you don't know what the issues are? You may not even change anything or only small changes may be required saving you money in website development and maintenance in the long run.