Using Your Website To Generate Customer Insights Not Customer Leads

Building a website not only allows you to showcase your small business products and/or services and increase its reputation, but it by nature generates a lot of data to help you see what interactions occur on your website.

Generating the data is easy, getting actionable findings that create business value is much harder and having the tools available to even create the data (such as Google Analytics) doesn't guarantee success.

The most common use of website data is to generate new customer leads either through more tools to automate the marketing and sales funnel but wouldn't it be great if your website data could give you, as a small business owner, insights that you wouldn't have otherwise obtained to provide solutions to your customers?

This is how it's done...

Collect Data- The Easy Part

Use the readily available tools to generate and collect the data from your website. This includes such metrics as how many visits, what people are viewing, where they are coming from and (in a relatively lesser extent) who they are.

Connect Data -  The Not So Easy Part

This is where the website data is connected with other pieces of data such as sales data, industry data, customer data or product data. The other data sources need to be easily accessible and structured enough so they can be connected with website data, this is why it's the not so easy part as this is typically where the challenges lie.

Discover Insights - The Hard Part

Discovering insights is about interpreting the collection of data to:

  1. Provide challenging insights that otherwise would not have been thought of.
  2. Identify and measure the impact in an easy to understand way.
  3. When appropriate, offer recommendations to address the problem and connect the dots as to why it provides the best course of action.

How W5 Can Help Small Business

W5 website subscriptions not only provide professional and affordable websites for small business but a sophisticated reporting and recommendation tool. An easy to ready monthly website 'report' not only allow small business owners to see their website metrics but also see recommendations (a.k.a 'insights') as to what the website data means for their business and customers.

Help gain the answers to the following hypotheticals:

  • Customer - 10% of my customers are female but 60% of my website visitors are female
  • Product - 80% of my sales come from 20% of product category A but 90% of my visits on my website come from category B
  • Industry - 70% of businesses in your industry who list their business on Google Business increase their website traffic by 15%.

To get started with gaining customer insights using your website, request a free trial from W5.