The Top 3 Reasons To Use Squarespace For A Small Business Website

Depending on who you speak to or what article you read, Wordpress sites make up between 20% to 25% of website across the Internet.

While Wordpress is a longstanding (it was initially released in 2003) and highly customisable platform, new platforms such as Squarespace are offering some key benefits for small business.

Below are the top 3 reasons why Squarespace is the best website platform for small business.

1. It's simple - really simple

Squarespace uses a revolutionary 'block system' that means all you have to do is select where you want to add something (text, list, image etc) on a page and start editing. If you make a mistake on where you placed it, you can drag the block to another position. To the best of knowledge, typically other web platforms don't allow you to drag and edit blocks in this way with the notable exception of Wix.

How features are organised are straightforward and while it takes a bit of getting used to (like with anything new) you don't find yourself constantly searching for how to do something over an over again because everything is overly complicated.

2. It's professional

Squarespace is a closed in system (like Apple), meaning only Squarespace controls what gets added or removed as features and templates. This is great for small businesses as you don't have to worry about keeping your site up to date with the latest features because it's already done for you.  The templates are only created by Squarespace and as a result they are very professional. There are pros and cons of this approach but in the context of simplicity, I'd happily trade the ability of not being able to customise for the piece of mind of an all inclusive website.

From a small business perspective, the business package from Squarespace will give you $300 worth of Google AdWords credits  to advertise your new website on Google. This saves you money and gives you a leg up in building the reputation and activity on your website.

3. It's Search Engine friendly

You don't have to install additional plug-ins to make your website Search Engine friendly either as this is done for you. Using Hubspot's Website Grader a Squarespace site will score 97/100 for Search Engine friendliness. Put this website's URL to check for yourself!

The Squarespace business package also gives you a website SSL certificate, which is great for Search Engines (especially Google) who value  secured websites and factor them into search results.

As a small business, W5 uses Squarespace as it's website platform.