The Top 3 Wordpress plugins for small business

While W5 doesn't officially use Wordpress as a website platform for small businesses, it's recognised that a large number of small business website use Wordpress so we have provided a list of the best Wordpress plugins for small businesses.

The Fundamentals

W3 Total Cache

Speed up your Wordpress site with W3 Total Cache. It can reduce the size of your files on your website and it's worth paying an extra $10 a month to put your site on MaxCDN to make your Wordpress site even faster.

Yoast SEO

There's arguably nothing more important than showing your website 'correctly' on Search Engines. How your Page Titles (the first line in search results) and page description (the descriptive text below the result) are shown, can significantly affect the impact on how many people view your website. Yoast SEO proves recommendation on how you canimprove your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for each of your pages.


What to you know how vulnerable your website it to hacking? Install Wordfence to find out and block. It can block known countries and IP addresses (individuals) that have the potential to hack your website. The level of hacking an vary, from injecting links to unsanitary websites to viruses, Wordfence will at least give you an idea of your exposure.

The Essentials

Enable Media Replace

Wordpress, by default, doesn't allow you to replace images. instead you have to delete and replace images. This plug-in allows you to replace images with a new one and automatically updates links across your site.

Easy Google Fonts

Nothing looks better than a modern site with modern fonts. Gone are the days of Arial, Helvetica, and even Times New Roman. Why not use freely available modern looking front from Google with the Easy Google Fonts plug-in.


Any website taking more than 4 seconds to load will cost you money as a small business owner. GTMetrix will give you guidance on where your website is slow and how you can improve it.

Google Tag Manager

Forget Google Analytics, use Google Tag Manager. it can give you Google Analytics as well as more 'robust' control over what and how people interact on your website

Smush Image Optimiser

When you add an image to your website, it many not necessarily be optimised, meaning it's large and, more importantly, slow to display to people visiting your website. Smush automatically optimises your images as you upload them, without any limits or monthly caps.